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Professional Wasps Control

New Zealand has several kinds of native wasps which have evolved here and have never become a nuisance.

But five social species of wasps have been accidentally introduced since the 1940s and are classed as pests (German and common wasps, and three species of paper wasp).

Introduced wasps are a significant pest which harm our native birds and insects and are a threat to human health and recreation.

What We Do

Wasp extermination and nest control

If we can clearly see the entrance to the nest, we use it to inject a powder directly into the nest. If the entrance is not visible, we apply a residual spray to areas where wasps land before entering the nest. As far as wasp extermination goes, both methods are very effective at getting product into the nest to exterminate it.

Our focus is on your safety when exterminating the nest. We approach the nest in a way that minimizes disturbing it. This ensures the wasps become confused rather than aggressive and dangerous.

The nest is usually dead within a couple of hours.

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