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Residential & Commercial Pest Control

Insects and rodents invading your home? We are trained to identify your pest threat and risk areas – then treat with proven and effective methods that are safe for your family, friends, and pets, as well as breaking the pest life cycle

If you have bed bugs, spiders, or any other critters in your home, they have got to go. You know by now how crucial it is to take care of the problem before it gets out of control.

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Basic Safety Measures

We request that the following preparations are made for the safety and effectiveness of treatment before technician arrives:
• If the treatment is for fleas- Please vacuum carpets/floors before the technician arrives and do not vacuum for 5 days after treatment.
• The house needs to be vacated for four hours once treatment has started. This includes any pets you may have.
• Cover fish tanks and all the pet dishes.
• Cover/Put away toys.
• Put away all the clothes.
• Cover any food and utensils.
• Cover pillows and bedding.
• Unplug your electric appliances as like microwave, fridge etc.
Rest of the safety measurements will be discussed prior to commencing treatment.

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