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Cockroaches are a common household pest in New Zealand, and they thrive in unhealthy environments and they can transmit several diseases. The biggest cockroach pests in New Zealand are the American Cockroaches and the German Cockroaches. 

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Ants cause concern in the urban environment for several reasons as like annoyance, Contamination for food, Damage to food, Damage to electrical services and Bites etc. Argentine ants can cause environmental impact by eliminating other species of ants from a location, Compete for the foods of native species.

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Rodents (rats & mice)

Rodents are a nuisance and can even be a source of disease. Rats and mice spread diseases, contaminate food, structural damage, flood risk etc. They can be dangerous financially and health wise.

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The flea species present in New Zealand are mostly a public health nuisance but have the potential to be a public health risk due to their ability to transmit infectious diseases. Flea range from about 1-5 mm in size. Their bodies are flat, shiny and have a tough surface.

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Wasps can be social or solitary insects. Some of the social type of wasps are very territorial and will defend their territory, some of the more aggressive and painful wasps are social in nature and may attack on mass e.g. the paper wasp. Other types of wasp are solitary in nature and work alone; these tend not to be aggressive.

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Spiders are always defined as biting pests and most carry a toxin; however, most spiders do not pose a threat to humans. Spiders tend to be more active in the late spring through to early autumn.

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Flies are considered an unhygienic pest because of the places many species inhabit and the diseases they may carry and transmit. House flies are the common ones in New Zealand. House flies carry diseases on their legs and mouth parts.

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Mosquitoes are a nuisance and carry diseases from one to another. Mosquitoes like to live and breed in standing water. Mosquitoes are responsible for more human deaths than any other living creature.

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Basic Safety Measures

 We request that the following preparations are made for the safety and effectiveness of treatment before technician arrives:
• If the treatment is for fleas- Please vacuum carpets/floors before the technician arrives and do not vacuum for 5 days after treatment.
• The house needs to be vacated for four hours once treatment has started. This includes any pets you may have.
• Cover fish tanks and all the pet dishes.
• Cover/Put away toys.
• Put away all the clothes.
• Cover any food and utensils.
• Cover pillows and bedding.
• Unplug your electric appliances as like microwave, fridge etc.
Rest of the safety measurements will be discussed prior to commencing treatment.

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