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Professional Flea & Carpet Beetles Control

If you have pets, then you know how much of a problem flea can be. Payless Pest Control Limited has extensive experience and success in flea control throughout all suburbs in Auckland. Our flea control experts can implement various techniques and strategies to ensure your flea problems are a thing of the past.

What Are Fleas?

A flea is a very tiny but irritating insect. Flea bites are painful and itchy. They reproduce very fast especially if there are pests around the house. They are tiny bugs and do not grow larger than a pen’s tip and range from black to light brown in colour. They usually move by jumping from one place to another as they do not have wings. In Addition to that, Fleas are almost impossible to eradicate without using a pesticide treatment. The hard shells and thin and flat bodies mean you always must squeeze them between 2 hard surfaces or fingernails to kill them. Nevertheless, where you see one hundred always follow professional advice.

What We Do

Our flea treatments are focused on covering off flea breeding areas and exterminating all stages of the flea lifecycle.

We apply a spray treatment directly to carpets and rugs, skirting boards and tongue and groove floors throughout your home. The technician will also identify other potential breeding areas (pet resting areas inside and out, sub-floor, etc) and treat these as well.

The treatment contains products to exterminate adult fleas and, more importantly, a growth regulator to kill eggs as they hatch.

Flea control is usually gained within 2 days, but you may notice the odd flea for up to 2 weeks as maturing fleas hatch from the pupae. These will die soon after coming into contact with the treatment.

Why Choose Us

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  • PMANZ (Pest Management Association of New Zealand) Registered Master Technician
  • Site Wise Green Grade holder for 2022-2023


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