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Professional Ant Control

With a food supply source located, usually, it would mean a large number of worker ants taking food back to the nest. In dry weather, ants might invade a house looking for water.

Some species of ants can bite or sting which can cause discomfort but, usually, they are not a danger to humans.

Of the three types of ants, queen and male ants are responsible for reproduction and worker ants are wingless sterile female ants.

How Do You Know You Have a Problem?

Ants may often go unspotted at home. Unsightly ant trails or the accidental uncovering of a nest will usually be the way an infection is discovered. Some species have visible ant hills and others may affect ground level with shallow burrows.

Steps You Can Take

No food, no nest. Ants love anything sweet and sticky. Keeping a property clean is the primary way of ensuring there is no easy food for a nest.

  • Make sure to leave no spilled foodstuff around,
  • wipe down food preparation areas after use
  • keep rubbish bins well-sealed
  • keep logs and similar potential nesting places away from the house
  • block any cracks or holes in property walls

What we do

When treating for ants our key focus is exterminating the queen ants in the nests around your home.

To do this we use a non-repellent treatment around the outside of your house targeting ant nests, ant highways and active ant trails. The ant’s pick-up microscopic particles of the treatment and transfer it back to the nests causing the nest to collapse and die.

In most cases this happens within a week. However, if it’s a particularly large nest this may take up to 5 weeks.

If you want immediate relief from ants trailing internally, we can apply a repellent treatment in problem areas throughout your home. This keeps the ants outside while the external treatment does its work.

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