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Professional Fly & Mosquitoes Control

Fly control is the biggest request we get from Aucklanders over the summer months. 

Every fly problem is different, and our fly control treatments need to be tailored to each individual situation. Our carefully selected products and state of the art application methods will cover all situations. 

Is there anything I can do to eliminate flies?

It is important for you to identify the environmental factors around your home that attract flies and eliminate those. Doing this will greatly reduce the number of flies and make any treatments we complete much more effective. Some simple steps that you can take are:

  • Pick up dog droppings immediately. These will attract flies to your home within minutes.
  • Ensure all rubbish is bagged and tied, and bins must have well-sealed lids. Keep the outside of bins as clean as possible.
  • Compost bins and lawn clippings need to be well away from the house.
  • Clean pet bedding regularly.
  • Clean up spills and food scraps promptly.

What we do

Our exterminators are trained to evaluate each situation and eliminate the reasons flies find your property attractive.

We recommend any simple actions you can take to reduce fly numbers to help the effectiveness of our tailored house spraying for flies.

Internal treatment

Internal house spraying for flies mainly focuses on the rooms where flies like to gather: the kitchen, dining and living areas. Good coverage where flies like to land in these areas is essential to good fly control. In other areas of the house, coverage of ceilings and entry points onto patios and decks will keep flies out when these areas are opened.

External treatment

When spraying externally, our focus is more on how flies behave and what’s attracting them. We concentrate on entry points and walls connected to the kitchen, dining and living areas as well as the walls and eaves on the sunny side of the house where flies like to rest in the morning. Any other areas that attract flies are covered off as well, such as bins, compost heaps areas where and your dog does its droppings, etc.

The treatments work by constantly controlling the fly population. So instead of having 20 flies constantly annoying you, you should only notice flies occasionally as they enter your home.

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