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Professional Bed Bug Control

If you are having trouble with bedbugs then you have come to the right place. We can help remove and prevent further outbreaks using our unique bed bug removal process. Our bed bug control team has over 7 years’ experience in dealing with all types of bed bugs in both residential and commercial properties such as motels and hotels. Payless Pest Control Limited is dedicated to offering quality services each time and we guarantee results, or we come back for free.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bedbugs are parasitic insects that feed on blood. They are small wingless insects which are brown in colour and about 1/4 inch long, before feeding. They usually go into hiding during the day. They can hide in walls’ crevices and cracks, on beds, bed frames, mattress seams, box springs, and other furniture. They usually come out to feed at night. These wingless insects can’t jump or fly, but they can crawl very fast. Bedbugs are great travellers and can be easily transported via furniture, luggage, bedding and clothing.

What We Do

To get rid of bedbugs, the most important first step is a thorough inspection. Bedbugs are very good at hiding in the tiniest crack and crevice. We understand how bedbugs behave and the common, and not so common, places they like to nest. We spend a lot of time identifying where they are and planning the best treatment strategy to get rid of bedbugs quickly and to ensure there is to chance of them spreading elsewhere.

Home treatments and poor treatment strategies by pest controllers inexperienced in bed-bug control are the major cause of bedbugs spreading to neighbouring apartments in apartment blocks.

Areas with a high concentration of bedbugs are vacuumed thoroughly. This is the quickest way to reduce the size of the infestation and allows full control to be gained within a very short timeframe.

After vacuuming we apply a very targeted residual spray treatment to all identified and common nesting areas. This will kill any remaining bedbugs and provide protection against re-infestation.

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  • PMANZ (Pest Management Association of New Zealand) Registered Master Technician
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