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Professional Spider Control

Having a phobia of spiders is a common fear in many of us. If you require spider control at your home, then we can help. We have gained extensive knowledge and a solid understanding of how and why they choose their habitats. Payless Pest Control Limited has trained and qualified specialists that can inspect your property anywhere throughout Auckland.

What Are Spiders?

Many people believe spiders are insects. But they are wrong.

Spiders that are air-breathing arthropods typically characterized by an external skeleton, simple eyes, eight legs, a segmented body and fangs that inject venom. They use this venom while hunting or when in danger. With around 40,000 known species, they are very diverse in terms of size and colour. They weave silk webs that are elastic in nature and waterproof. A spider can live up to 2 years.

Contrary to the popular belief, not every spider is dangerous. Only about 2% are potentially harmful, the rest don’t pose a threat to humans and only attack in self-defence. A bite by a poisonous spider can cause pain, swelling, itching, nausea, and in severe cases, system failure resulting in death. The black widow and brown recluse contain powerful venom, enough to kill a human.

What We Do

House spraying for spiders: on the outside of the house, a treatment is applied to the under-side of gutters, the eaves, around all entry points, any visible webs and all wall surfaces. We also treat outdoor furniture, rubbish bins and fencing around outdoor living areas.

We improve the longevity of the treatment by adding a surfactant to the treatment. This provides weather proofing and UV resistance, so the spider proofing treatment will withstand outdoor conditions much longer.

Internally, we apply a treatment to areas where spiders like to gather, such as the joins where walls and ceilings meet and any other areas you highlight as a concern.

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